Curate A Wardrobe That'll Become Vintage Classics

Curate A Wardrobe That'll Become Vintage Classics

When you buy quality pieces, they're almost GUARANTEED to last longer, to become sought after vintage pieces in 20 years.  Why do you think vintage pieces NOW are still around - because they were made well, made to last.

Spending a little more money on better pieces is ALWAYS worth it.  Sure, it's easy to impulse buy something that's 'cute' and cheap, but how long will you love the piece?  Will it last as long as you want it to?  Cheaper clothes tend to pill faster (you know those annoying little fabric balls on your clothes), the fabric becomes more worn & see through over time.

Buying quality, classic pieces that are timeless & versatile will always serve you better.  Purchase pieces that can be worn in different ways, styled differently for different looks & vibes.  A nice, white button down shirt can be dressed up or down, faux leather leggings can be worn multiple ways, quality cardigans are a staple in any closet.

Buying less, but buying better quality is so much better for the Earth as well. Putting less potential waste out into the world, but also buying items that are less likely to be thrown out because it will last longer. 

Curating a closet is all about creating your outfits around select pieces you'll return to time and time again.  We all tend to grab the same pieces over and over wearing 25% of our closet, but if you can style those pieces in different ways, you don't need a HUGE closet full of clothes you'll rarely wear. 

I promise you, if you buy pieces you absolutely LOVE, that are quality and feel oh so nice on the skin, that make you feel like a million bucks, it's priceless!