Get to Know the Ethical Brands We Partner With

Get to Know the Ethical Brands We Partner With

All of the brands we partner with are women-owned #girlpower  We also strictly partner with brands who use ethical factories that utilize ethical practices, ensuring fair wages & safe working conditions. Many of our brands are small businesses & either hand make the product or employ artisans to hand make items, many of which use traditional methods. 

We are so proud to be able to support other women-owned businesses & contribute to fashion in an intentional manner that isn't detrimental to people or the planet, because what you wear matters, both to you & humanity.

We hope you love 'our' brands as much as we do!

Jackson Rowe

Julia is the founder and designer of Jackson Rowe. Jackson Rowe is the marriage of her grandparent's names Jack & Rose. JR wants you to feel confident that your products are made with purpose, thought and care. That's why every item in their collection is beyond clothing. It’s about quality and craftsmanship to ensure the perfect fit. They believe in designing clothing that feels like a moment in time, like a happy memory you'll never forget. Based in VancouverBritish Columbia

Fair + Simple

When you invest in a woman, an entire community reaps the benefits. Why? Because she invests right back into her children and those around her. Fair+Simple focuses on simple goods made by women around the world. In addition to fair wages, Fair + Simple supports our artisans and makers through skill development, proper equipment, and simple design. Based in Talent, OR.

Commonality Cooperative

Commonality: daring to create unique communities, encouraging dreams, learning about others and ourselves through art and story. CC wants to take a step back, embracing time-honored traditions, teaching the next generation the beautiful craftsmanship of their grandfathers and grandmothers. They are investing in these trades by building a trade school and offering dignified work to artisan communities. Their goods are sourced in Africa, India, and Haiti and assembled here in the United States. Based in Marietta, GA


être MEANS "TO BE" | "BEING" Starting early in 2020, être's creative team started the brand to challenge the existing idea that nice things should not cost a lot and must be comfortable that you can go from home-to-air-to-street. They were relentless about creating an item of equal or greater quality than the leading luxury brands at a much lower price to inspire generations to have more travel in their lives.

Creating apparel that carries over from home-to-air-to-street, into a life lived consciously, takes mindfulness one step further: a beautiful life celebrated with forward and simple designs. Capturing what’s trending in contemporary fashion with the collections is how étre can travel beyond home-wear. Luxury meets practical in every collection. 

By skipping high-cost retailers, étre can invest in high quality without the price tag. Each of their garments undergoes a development process where fit, design, and material selection are key components to the design process. The fabric qualities that have comfort and quality, so you can have longer-lasting basics. Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Bali Lane

Celebrating Slow Fashion in a fast world they design and handcraft timeless, easy-to-wear pieces in high quality materials, so they can have a permanent place in your wardrobe.

Their story begins with a love for the coastal life, its' people and our planet. Their admiration for everything handmade inspires them to create affordable and sustainable fashion pieces. Using sustainable eco-friendly materials they craft fuss-free staple pieces with a luxe, coastal romance and style that can be worn to lounge, to vacation, or to party.

Bali Lane is all about their commitment to appreciate their clients, their team, their suppliers and the environment. They manufacture in their own production facilities without intermediaries and sell exclusively online. This approach allows them to offer superb quality and maintain affordable prices. With their simple production model they do not overproduce and hand make pieces to order. Their products are made in their own Bali factory maintaining modern and fair working conditions. They manufacture according to traditional methods but practice values and ethics of the present times. Based in Bend, OR.


LOVETRUST is a woman-owned, sustainable clothing brand whose goal is to create clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable. Their carefully crafted collections are designed with the everyday in mind for the everyday woman. They believe that sustainable, ethically produced fashion can also be affordable, fun, and edgy while maintaining the high quality and wearability you expect. Their style is simple and classic with a touch of something extra that adds sexy confidence to your look. They know you want to live your life in stress-free clothing and look stylish doing it.

Sustainability is at the core of everything they do. From the natural, GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics they choose to the responsible, SMETA compliant factory they work with. LOVETRUST is committed to combining their sustainable practices with fashion that empowers and allows you to be yourself. With that in mind, they strive to be a clothing brand that raises your values to your closet. LOVETRUST allows you to curate a wardrobe of high-quality pieces that are made with care for planet and people alike. Positive change requires improvements from the inside, and they aim to help push the fashion industry we love toward a more responsible future. The LOVETRUST family is proud to call Brooklyn, NY home.

Studio Knoga

Studio Knoga is a sustainably hand-crafted knitwear brand infused with loving energy, promoting restoration and wellness through ethically made products with responsibly sourced materials - using premium Italian yarns and Belgian fillings that are hypoallergenic, organic and toxin-free.

With a focus on restoration and wellness, Studio Knoga only uses the most premium, luxury Italian yarns that all follow strict certification guidelines. Where, how and who produces the fibres we ultimately adorn our bodies with is absolutely fundamental and the very basis of Studio Knoga, from GOTS (global organic textile standard), SFC (sustainably farmed certified), RWS (responsible wool standards) to HIGG index (ensuring the protection and wellbeing of textile workers) they ensure your peace of mind when commissioning your bespoke knitwear. Based in the UK.

Renee C.

MADE IN USA PRODUCTS! Established in 1999, Renee Collection has made a name for itself as one of the most highly sought after brands in the young contemporary market for women. With trendy designs and unparalleled knack for unique prints combined with quality fabrics and stitching you can feel. One of their numerous quality fabrics incorporate natural and environmental friendly bamboo, which you may discover in a few of their exclusive prints. Based in Bell Gardens, CA.

The Care Collective

The Care Collective specializes in curated glassware and pullovers. They are based out of Bozeman, MT.


ROOLEE is a women's clothing brand inspiring self-love + genuine sisterhood. With high hopes, an encouraging family, and blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity, Kylee Champlin founded ROOLEE as a women's lifestyle store in the small town of Logan, Utah in 2013. Since then ROOLEE has grown into a well-known brand with a team of dedicated designers who are just as devoted to adding beauty to your life as Kylee is.

Miu Sutin

Miu Sutin means “sell truth” in Quechua, a name chosen for its values of transparency and authenticity and for the origins of Noelia Montero, designer and creator of the brand. Miu Sutin is a proposal to consume different fashion, elegant, minimalist clothes created and made respecting the environmental, social impact and the collaborators involved. Based in Barcelona Spain. 

DYI Define Your Inspiration

DYI Define Your Inspiration is an activewear and lifestyle apparel brand with the perfect fusion of fashion + performance +function. Whether you’re inspired by a maximum intensity sweat session, strength training, or a rejuvenating yoga class, DYI designs apparel specifically for your state of mind.

The DYI brand brings together fashionable clothing and healthy living in a unique way. It isn’t just clothing, but a mindset, a philosophy and a movement! It’s about living a happy, active and balanced life by doing things that inspire you! DYI is designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas with a focus on fit, fabric and comfort. The clothes are sewn right under the eye of the founder and her team to ensure every DYI piece is made with just the right amount of style, sophistication, quality and love. Their designers hand select fabric that offers maximum comfort and key performance features. They test their product with women's comfort in mind so that she can go about her day- defining her inspirations!

Mimi & August

Created by Camille & Joao back in 2013, they wanted to create a brand that represented all of their values, quality and a fair production. Illustrations is at the core of the Montreal based company. They make every product unique and personalized, whether it is for bathing suits, clothes or home goods.


BYTAVI is a participant of the slow fashion movement. They believe in quality over quantity and handmade over mass produced. From their hands to yours a BYTAVI product is produced with care. The fabric pattern is cut and given to a BYTAVI seamstress to bring to completion. Her hands are in the process from first stitch to proudly signing her name on the finished product. The BYTAVI line is produced under fair trade principles by a team of talented seamstresses in Cambodia where poverty is widespread. Based in Franklin, IN.

Wilde Folk

Wilde Folk is an Austin based company with self-care and connection in mind. Every item is intentionally crafted with high quality, clean ingredients that will align to your body’s natural rhythm.

They believe in using non-toxic, sustainable ingredients, so you don’t have to sacrifice your health, or environment, for a new product. Ceci (coincidently, not me), the owner and potion maker of Wilde Folk, got her start in 2010 with her small jewelry business, Little Pieces of Hope. It wasn’t until 2018, that she got the itch to search for more within her business and in life. At 27 years old, Ceci enrolled in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Austin, Texas. After 3 months of intensive training, she graduated with a thirst to dive deeper along this “woo-woo” journey of hers. Not only did she want to plunge into the power of wellness, but also the magic of nature and folklore.

Fast forward to 2020, and Ceci is fully embracing her green witch ways, and rebranded her dearly loved Little Pieces of Hope business and started afresh with Wilde Folk. A company focused on providing customers with intentional products that make them feel good, while also doing good for our world. No matter what time of year, 15% of Wilde Folk’s sales are donated to a variety of charities in need. While you already have everything you will ever need within, Wilde Folk wants to offer support along your personal journey by providing intentional provisions for your mystical soul. Each Wilde Folk product is heavily meditated upon.


Homework Brand is a collection of funned sassy graphic apparel for men and women. All of their products are silkscreened by hand in their little family run design studio in Calgary, Alberta. Their goal is to create thoughtfully designed, quality lasting products that bring joy through humor and nostalgic references.


NLT is a second generation family-owned wholesale manufacturer and small business based in Los Angeles. Their clothes are ethically made-to-order in small batches and designed, cut, sewn, and produced all under one roof in their factory. They source fabrics locally and try to keep things as close to home as much as possible. They believe in conscious manufacturing - workers are paid fair wages and garments are made-to-order to avoid overproduction and waste. They believe in well-made, fairly priced garments that are simple, easy to throw on, and that can be worn time and time again.


SLATE + SALT is a mission based brand providing a worldwide customer base for artisanal treasures found in rural, impoverished villages around the world. They support the Fair Trade movement and work closely with Fair Trade organizations to facilitate dignified working opportunities in areas of extreme poverty. All of their products are artisan handmade using traditional techniques handed down through generations. They specialize in cashmere scarves hand-loomed in Nepal by disabled weavers, alpaca accessories from Peru, Turkish towels from a cooperative in Turkey and jewelry created from recycled bomb remnants originating in Laos and Cambodia. Based in Miami, FL.

Nativo Soul

Through the preservation of indigenous heritage, spirituality, and environmental sustainability, Nativo Soul unites global design with quality to provide the ultimate experience of culture and healing through each uniquely crafted piece.  They work directly with indigenous families and artisan communities throughout the world to ensure all products are 100% handmade and purchased through fair trade and ethical practices.  Nativo Soul invests in the skills of artisans to create jobs, provide reliable incomes and foster the economic inclusion of women. Every purchase generates meaningful and sustainable income for the artisans and their families while empowering women and indigenous communities to continue passing down their ancestral traditions and sharing their stories. Their hope is that each piece will be a source of positivity, tranquility, and love. Based in New York, NY.


Sozy's mission is to empower women with soft + cozy clothing. 10% of profits support survivors of sexual violence.

They are a woman’s brand whose passion is soft and cozy clothing you are excited to wear! Each garment is designed for the utmost comfort and intention of being a favorite wardrobe staple! They believe that your Sozy pieces will become your favorite go-to daily picks. The shirt you always wear, the sweater you can’t live without, the pants that feel amazing on, and the actual best pair of undies in the world... With Sozy, you will feel the difference, while making one. All USA Made. A proud 1% for the Planet member. Every order supports One Tree Planted. Climate Neutral Certified. B Corp Certified. Female Founded. Based in Encinitas, CA.

LA Relaxed

LA Relaxed believes it should be a given that the clothes you put on your body won’t harm it, cause unnecessary damage to the Earth, or pain to the human being who made them. They want their clothing to inspire authentic and intentional choices throughout the day. Since 2015, they've remained committed to using only sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free materials. They produce in smaller batches to minimize waste and control quality. Their factory is vertically integrated, meaning we make everything in house right in downtown Los Angeles. They only work with certified mills and suppliers to ensure fair pay and treatment throughout our entire supply chain, not only under their roof. They pride themselves on fair wages, safety, and a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued. The ethical treatment of their employees (and all humans) is their top priority and the foundation they are built upon.

Saint Geraldine

Saint Geraldine is a women owned and operated brand designed in Los Angeles with a love for vintage and modern runway looks. They are influenced by their fav style icons of the past and their best girlfriends. While blending Southern California comfort-chic with historic romantic silhouettes, they work with ethical manufacturers in China as well as giving proceeds to charities of choice.


Make Sustainability Sexy™ At Wolven, their fabric patterns are inspired by sacred geometry found all around us in nature. From beautiful cacti to magnificent forests, nature grows spectacular intoxicating patterns. The vibrant colors of their garments are inspired by the colors of Indian art, celebration and the roots of yoga. Each fabric pattern at Wolven is created in-house by designers Kiran Jade and Will Ryan.

Sustainably Made From Post-Consumer Plastic: They believe that beautiful fashion should not come at the expense of the planet. Their garments are made with OEKO-TEX certified Recycled P.E.T fabric (RPET), a fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles. This certification ensures that their material is free of harmful and toxic chemicals. Over 6.4 million tonnes of plastic trash enters the world’s oceans each year. RPET creates a second life for plastics, helping to keep plastic out of our planet’s delicate eco systems. Based in Los Angeles, CA.


Nativa is a growing lifestyle brand dedicated to sharing the voice and talent of amazing fair trade artisans located throughout remote villages in Mexico. As a modern shop located in the heart of San Antonio, they aspire to promote the passion of the wonderful artisans they have the great honor of working with by featuring their beautiful, handmade Mexican blouses, dresses, and accessories. As per the name, Nativa, you can be assured all of their textiles and accessories are directly obtained from Mexican natives. Proud members of the Fair Trade Federation.


SoarBlue is a liberal lifestyle store located in Fayetteville, Arkansas that offers apparel, accessories, artwork & more! Their mission is to practice radical kindness, lead with love & bring awareness to social issues with positive messaging.

Benjamin Soap Co.

Their process is focused on appreciating the simplicity and beauty in nature. Each product from their cold process soaps to their hand poured soy candles are handcrafted in small batches. They use plant based oils, 100% pure soy wax, which is sourced from American grown soy beans, ethically sourced & sustainably grown ingredients. They use minimal packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable. They pride themselves on sourcing locally grown organic herbs & vegetable powders, using locally harvested & filtered raw honey, olive oil & beeswax. They believe that skincare should be transparent in its creation and tell a story. Based in Austin, TX.


At Bluivy they are more than a brand off the shelf. Styles are curated with fit and feel in mind. Inspired by the laid back Californian lifestyle ranging from relaxed vibes to modern chic styles, they are the go-to clothing line for women seeking great quality garments with outstanding fit and designs. They aim to provide all our partners gorgeous, affordable clothing without surrendering quality, style, or comfort. Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Self goddess

Self Goddess provides nourishing tools to support you in your self-love journey. They are a crystal infused self-love brand that integrates both aromatherapy and healing crystals to stimulate your soul and senses in a transformative way.