My Fave Beauty Products

My Fave Beauty Products

If you've known me for any certain amount of time, you know I like quality products.  Not only do I LOVE a good product, I love all natural products that not only do what they claim to do, but are beautiful products AND a company that's eco-conscious and/or fair trade is a BIG deal to me. I also love me a women-owned company #girlpower

ALL of these products I currently use and LOVE, I'd never suggest a product I didn't use.  I've also done extensive research on the companies and products I buy, as well as a ton of trial and error and found the best of the best.  We always share things we love with our girlfriends, so that's exactly what I'm doing here, AND each and every purchase you get a discount with, YAY!


I struggled with hormonal acne for YEARS; tried every product out there, took medication, saw estheticians and dermatologists, used light therapy...every.thing.  Eventually I did find a skin care regimen that DID work, but when I started to be more aware about the products I was putting ON my skin, I wanted to get rid of toxic chemicals in my skin care routine.  

Luckily I finally found Primally Pure and I will never turn back from oil cleansing, using jade rollers and gua sha stones and using all natural oils on my skin. My skin has never looked better and it feels like a mini spa treatment every time I cleanse my skin.  Not to mention their all natural deodorant is AMAZING (coming form a mama who SWEATS) and their dry shampoo powder is bomb too.  CLICK HERE or use code PUREMAMA10 at checkout for 10% off your first order. 

100% PURE

I always thought that all-natural makeup products wouldn't work as well as 'typical' makeup, but as mentioned with my skin care routine, I wanted to clean up my products and get rid of products that included ingredients I couldn't even pronounce.  Our skin absorbs 60-80% of what we put on it, and if you're careful and cautious of what you put IN your body, you should do the same with what you put ON your body.

This makeup has the most beautiful colors and selection and their makeup is FRUIT pigmented.  That's right they pigment their makeup with FRUIT and yes, it smells good too.  They have a 'Better Naked" palette that I'm in love with and use daily.  CLICK HERE to get $15 to shop on their site.


I've tried MULTIPLE subscription boxes, most of which left me with a ton of unused, or gifted products.  While the items were fine they just weren't things I'd normally buy and use, so they didn't get used. Which of course seemed wasteful, not to mention the products didn't lean towards my love of eco-friendly OR all natural.

All that changed when I came across Causebox.  Just like in the name, their mission is for a good cause. Cause box is: community focused, ethically made, environmentally conscious, for women, and impact driven.  They strive to empower women, provide products that are ethical and sustainable and also provide safe working environments and fair pay for those in third world countries.

I've never gotten a product in my box that I didn't love, and use and felt GOOD using while supporting women and artisans around the world.  CLICK HERE for $10 off your first box.



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