About Us

Hey Beautiful!

So happy you're here.  I'd love to tell you a little bit about June + Jane, who we are, what we stand for and what you can expect from us and our products.

We believe in quality + equality; that you deserve clothing that will make you FEEL beautiful and will last, all while being made by people who receive fair wages + safe working conditions (also known as fair trade). We also believe in the beauty of Mother Earth and many of our products are from sustainable brands who use eco-friendly fabrics + practices, contributing to less waste and the 'slow fashion' movement.  Because of our mission to adhere to these standards you receive QUALITY pieces that will last as long as you need them to, then can be donated for a second life.

We partner with a multitude of brands that align with our vision, from sourcing directly from the makers + artisans to brands that are ethical + fair trade, eco-conscious + sustainable and women-owned #girlpower.   All of our suppliers are researched extensively to ensure they uphold to our standards as well as yours.

Purchasing thrifted + vintage items is an incredible sustainable way to shop, giving another life to a piece of clothing.  Secondhand items, especially vintage are crazy unique because they just can't be replicated these days, even buying secondhand while almost ensure that you won't be wearing what everyone else is wearing + express + embrace your uniqueness even more!

Inclusivity + diversity is especially important because we believe ALL women are beautiful no matter their shape, size or color.  We want you to believe in yourself and your POWER + in having confidence to be beautifully + WILDLY you.  We believe you should feel EMPOWERED to become the woman you want to be and encourage other women to do the same because collaboration over competition always wins.

Here at June + Jane we believe in women!  We are women owned + operated, and many of the products we offer are from women owned companies as well.  We believe we women can CHANGE the world, if we can be brave enough to try to. #girlpower

We believe in BIG dreams and going after them, because dang it, you only live once and what's worse than trying and failing...not trying at all.  And really, if you're trying, you're not failing, no matter the outcome, you're just trying and learning and growing and evolving.

We believe in body confidence, self love and taking care of this one beautiful body and mind you have.  You're body is as beautiful, strong and amazing as you tell it it is.  Our minds our powerful and it will belief whatever we tell it, so talk kindly about yourself, treat your body with love and respect, give yourself time and space and room to breathe and rest, nourish your body with good foods, do Self Care Sunday but also do acts of self care + self love daily, because you deserve it all.

We believe in being intentional; being intentional with time, what we eat, how we treat others, our usage of products + recycling and making the world a better place, both by what we do and what we say #kindnessiscontagious

Most of all here at J+J, we believe in YOU girl.  WE believe that you can do ANY damn thing that you set your heart + mind to, that you deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life, better than you ever desired, that the REAL excitement is right outside of your comfort zone and we know you're brave enough to 'go there', we believe you are a natural beauty, but hey, a beautiful dress never hurt.