We believe in the POWER OF WOMEN. That we women really can do ANY DAMN thing we want if we just believe in + trust ourselves.  The world needs more women to show up for themselves, to go after their dreams, to stop playing small + dimming their light, to use their voice, to embrace their creativity, to be true to themselves + confident in their abilities, to love their bodies + who they are.  The world needs more confident, happy, strong women who show up FULLY as themselves + BREAK the mold of how a 'woman should be'.  So put your blinders on and don't worry about or compare yourself to anyone else + put your middle fingers up + DGAF about what other people think + be UNAPOLOGETICALLY the woman you want to be, the woman you are MEANT to be.

We CELEBRATE + ENCOURAGE self confidence + body positivity, self care + love, collaboration over competition + all things women empowerment #girlpower so dye your hair pink, shatter that glass ceiling, believe in YOU + your badassness, start that dream business, find a passion, speak up + be the happiest, most successful (whatever success looks like for you) version of yourself, because when you do, it paves the way for other women to do the same.

We are a women's ethical + eco-friendly boutique where quality meets comfort with new + vintage pieces. That's right sister, I scour over ethical wholesalers + online + local thrift/vintage shops to find you the best, most unique pieces, because life is too damn short to look like everyone else.  Think of us as a mashup between Anthropologie + Madewell with vintage vibes!

June + Jane is for the woman who does not give AF about what anyone else thinks, she doesn't play small or dim her light, she dreams BIG + has lofty aspirations, she makes it her life mission to live her best damn life, she's confident + empowered.  Maybe you aren't her YET sister, but you will be.

Learn more about us + our vision + mission on our About Us page.