Eco-Friendly, Ethical & Women-Owned Brands

At June & Jane we value for honesty & authenticity & we strive to be as authentic & transparent with our products & our practices. 

Every item in our shop is purchased from an ethical brand OR purchased directly from the maker.  If a company outsources the making of their products, we ensure that they are strictly using fair trade factories who pay their workers a fair wage as well as provide safe working conditions.  Fashion, or any industry, should not be detrimental to people & their livelihood. 

It also shouldn't be detrimental to the planet.  Fast fashion brands are some of the most wasteful companies, filling landfills with unused/unsold fabric & clothing as well as overuse of packaging & plastic.  We do our best to purchase eco friendly items as well as use sustainable shipping practices.  We reuse boxes & use eco-friendly packaging material. 

Every brand that we source for the shop is women-owned.  As a woman owned shop, we want nothing more than to support our sisters & help build their wealth & life.  We also aim to use as many diverse brands as possible.  We believe ALL women deserve wealth, happiness, security, safety, wellness & all the good things. 

We are always looking for ways to improve, so if at any time you have any suggestions, we'd be glad to listen